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Free online chart Maker

target students and employee Particularly in poor countries . The goal:Anyone with computer and internet easily create beautiful charts to use in


or work.
without needed to pay money,download program , make a registration for a website. the site will open like a simple application with three panel .One for the chart, one for the settings and the last for The data. change your data or any setting will reflect directly to the chart ( the chart is updated on real time.)
and all you have to do is add your data into the spreadsheet panel (you can copy it from excel ,Google docs) . with More than 9 types of charts (

line-area-bar-pie-polar area-radar-doughnut

....) and a lot of settings to customize your chart with it (colors-text-fonts-legend and a lot of other settings). and a charts gallery .you will be enjoy creating your chart you can export your chart in two different method: